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School Status and Location

Crossroads Primary School is a rural primary school, situated in the Parish of Grange, and is administered by the Moray Council Educational Services.

The School provides education for children from Primary 1 to 7.  At present there are two classes (P1-4 and P 5-7) with a total roll of 24.  There are two buildings on site.  The main building is hutted and houses a small library and general purpose room between the 2 classrooms.  There is also an office and a staffroom.  The original school, of traditional stone-built design, houses a large hall, used for P.E., Music, etc. and a kitchen/dining area for school meals.

The play area for the children is laid out in tarmac between 2 raised flower beds and a small, but beautiful garden area.  The Community Playing Field opposite is available for games, sports and school events during the school week.

Transfer from Primary to Secondary Education takes place in August each year when most of our pupils transfer to Keith Grammar School.  A copy of the Keith Grammar School Prospectus is available at Crossroads School for parents’ reference.