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Eco Group 

Recorder: Callan

Chair Person: Fraser

Reporter: Brooke, Katie L and Kaylin 

Time Keeper: Kate

Statement: Our group would like to encourage everyone in the school to make eco-friendly decisions and take responsibility for our part of the world.

Technology Group

Recorder: Jayne

Chair Person: Andrew

Reporter: All

Time Keeper: Aiden

Group Members: Katie S, Amy-Lei

Statement: To communicate life at Crossroads through the Website, newsletters, displays, etc and to keep people safe online.

Health Group

Recorder: Gloria

Chair Person: Junior

Reporter: Robbie

Time Keeper: Isla and Robbie L

Statement: we would like everyone in the school to be healthy.

Pupil Council 

Recorder: Faye

Chair Person: Robyn

Reporter: Rachel

Time Keeper: Libby

Group Members: Sam and Ryan

Statement: The Pupil Council helps the School to make good decisions for the School, to keep moving to improving.